Re-manufacturing is an process by which a previously sold, worn, used or non-functional product can be rebuilt and recovered. It preserves not only the raw material content but also added much value during the processes required to manufacture new products. Every Businesses has a responsibility not to harm the environment. Companies in every industry need to analyze their processes and look for ways to improve them in an environmental friendly way. Re-manufacturing is one of the most valuable processes for the companies to make the first step towards environmental sustainability.

Re-manufactured toner cartridges are brand cartridges that have been professionally cleaned, refilled with comparable-quality toner, and tested to deliver the same print quality as the original cartridge.

Why Should One Use Re-manufactured Toner Cartridge?

Re-manufactured printer cartridges has powerful impact on organization’s bottom line:

1.Cost-Effective :  Re-manufactured toner cartridges are significantly cheaper than compared to OEM brands e.g. HP, Brother, Epson etc. Business are always looking to cut the cost and recycle the products. This re-manufactured cartridges are 80% cheaper than Original Equipment Manufacturers’ ink cartridge. So it’s an easy way for the business to cut the print spend.

2.Eco Friendly : Now, we’re experiencing a crisis when it comes to plastic pollution.

Here are some alarming statistics on ink and toner cartridges:

  • More than 375 million empty printer cartridges end up in landfills every year (that’s more than one million a day)
  • An average printer cartridge takes around 450-1000 years to decompose. If not recycled or disposed of properly, these hazardous cartridges can end up in a landfill and leak harmful chemicals into the soil.
  • Toner and ink cartridges are classified as a potentially carcinogenic; and the toxins and heavy metals of these products contaminate water and soil with volatile organic compounds

On the other hand you can recycled re-manufactured toner cartridge 100%. It also help to reduce greenhouse gas emission. You can reduce your carbon footprint by using Eco-friendly ink cartridges. Recycled directly from OEM cartridges, these products are professionally cleaned, refilled, and inspected individually for quality assurance. Each cartridge that is re-manufactured keeps 3 pounds of waste and 3 quarts of oil out of landfills. Businesses significantly reduce their carbon footprint by opting for re-manufactured toner cartridges.

3.Flexibility : As this re-manufactured toner cartridge is cheaper ,so you can spend more money on other things, like, you can buy small printers or print more color print like documents or photos. And this low price will help you to cut your printing expenses.

4.Water based ink : The ink used in re-manufactured cartridges is mainly water based and it consists of pigments to get the individual colors as well as black. Original Equipment Manufacturer’s ink, on its turn, is mostly oil based. The oil-based ink takes considerably long time to dry. It also smudges easily if the documents are handled before they have dried. So, it’s better to use water based ink.

So now, choice is yours whether to adopt re-manufactured, cheaper, environmental friendly toner cartridge and support Go Green or to choose OEM products. It’s good for the Business to adopt this and make first steps towards environmental sustainability.

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